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Qubn Blacq
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Qubn Blacq

Born and raised by his mother in Chicago Heights.  Qubn Blacq was awakened musically watching his uncle DJ Master E.L.P. display his passion on the turntables. With House music filling hhis soul, he started helping with packing and unloading DJ equipment.  He became a dancer at basement house parties.  Another Uncle LIN started experimenting into the R & B sound, Blacq and his cousin La Smooth decided to be his dancers, during that time Qubn Blacq started writing songs and got on the singing tip. One day another uncle, Bone wrote a rhyme and had Blacq Spit it.  The voices, and how Blacq delivered it, grab the attention of everybody that he spit that verse for. Qubn Blacq decided to write a rhyme himself, Got with Bone and said check this out.  After hearing Blacq spite what he wrote, Bone excitement level was amped, and became Blacq manage, and started making things happen.  They linked up with a Guy named Jimmy.  Jimmy got him a audition to spite for Too Short guy Murder one.  Murder one flight delayed him from making it to the Chi in time, So murder had Rilla Rilla Records Check Qubn Blacq out.  Rilla Rilla told Short and Murder one that he was Garbage and they signed Qubn Blacq.  He did 4 years with Rilla, and then Hanlitt became his home.  Qubn Blacq, The Land Lord of Hip Hop is influenced by classic Emcees and rhyme spitters, like Rakim, Big Daddy Kane, Cool G Rap, Too Short, Spice 1, and the one and Only Mr. Mr. Scarface. He is looking to carry the touch and keep it lit.
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